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D V Rao & Associates

At the dawn of new decade, the Indian corporate ecosystem is on the path towards complete integration with technology at all layers.  While technology and digitization are seamlessly accepted and endorsed at the citizen level, the journey is still in progress at the top of the pyramid - at the institutional and internal corporate level. 

D V Rao & Associates, since its inception in 2013, has been making conscious endeavors to integrate technology and digitization in the otherwise human-centric secretarial, audit, and corporate-centric professional services. 

Perhaps D V Rao & Associates is among the initial ambassadors of digital ecosystem in professional services in India. 


Principal Talks

The ahead for D V Rao & Associates

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D V Rao & Associates keep our focus always at the compliance and on Governance and the trust with which they come should not be shorted and the overall confidentiality of the clients will always be kept a high pedestal.

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